Extension Professional I/II (ATDC Startup Catalyst, HealthTech Program Manager)

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Georgia Institute of Technology
Enterprise Innovation Institute (EI2)
Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC)
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Extension Professional I, Extension Professional II
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 Serving within the Research Faculty of The Institute, Startup Catalysts directly support the extension, service, and economic development missions of Georgia Tech to the State of Georgia and beyond.  Primarily this role provides entrepreneurial incubation and acceleration services to Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) companies in strategic areas that foster their development and encourage growth.  Specifically, this position will specialize in healthcare technology (HealthTech) startup incubation.  The incumbent will oversee the ATDC HealthTech Program which will include (overall): recruiting healthcare technology startups; marketing the ATDC HealthTech Program; directing/coordinating all efforts involved with relevant program partners/stakeholders/constituents.   

Major Responsibilities:

  • Advise ATDC member companies in strategic areas (business operations, fundraising, marketing, etc.) that foster their development and encourage growth.
  • Manage and cultivate ATDC relationships with investors, prospective business advisors/partners, CEOs, and community technology leaders to promote market outreach and business development.
  • Serve as ATDC member company advocate for awards, conferences, and recognition.
  • Identify and/or develop resources to cultivate and assist member ATDC companies and applicants (including the delivery of entrepreneurial programs/events that promote business development & growth).
  • Evaluate and assess the business potential of ATDC applicant companies and provide recommendations for membership.
  • Perform other related duties as assigned.

Basic Qualifications:

Education: Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Business, Technology, Mathematics, or related/relevant field.

Work Experience: Five to seven years of job-related experience including experience within the healthcare industry and/or with a healthcare technology startup company (or equivalent combination of education and work experience).

Skills: Ability to analyze, evaluate, and assess complex information; coaching and consulting experience; and an ability to use independent judgment and communicate effectively.

Preferred Qualifications:

Preferred Education: MBA and/or Masters Degree in financial technology or related/relevant field.

Preferred Skills/Work Experience: Ten years of job-related work experience.                                 Preferred applicant backgrounds include (1) Founder of a healthcare technology startup or early-stage startup experience; (2) Leadership experience managing a healthcare technology company; (3) Leadership or supporting role in securing multiple rounds of financing (angel or venture).


The Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) at Georgia Tech is a startup incubator that helps technology entrepreneurs in Georgia launch and grow successful companies.  ATDC is one of the oldest and most successful research university affiliated incubators in the United States and was named by Forbes as one of the "Top 12 Business Incubators Changing the World.”  Founded in 1980, ATDC has fostered innovation and economic development by graduating more than 180 companies, which together have raised over $3 billion in outside financing.  To learn more about ATDC, visit: atdc.org

Georgia Tech Extension Professionals are research personnel that fulfills the extension and service mission of Georgia Tech to the State of Georgia and beyond.  This mission includes, but is not limited to, technology-based economic development, technology commercialization and deployment, entrepreneurship, start-up company incubation, and business/industry outreach.  Extension Professionals also provide educational programs for business and industry in support of these missions through facilitating and fostering increased industrial engagement and sponsorship of applied research activities at Georgia Tech.  Extension Professional appointments are based on the merit and special qualifications of the individual and follow the same general ranking, hiring, and promotion principles as other professional research faculty ranks. 

Extension Professional I – Positions filled at this level are candidates who possess a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and who will be performing on a professional level.

Extension Professional II – Positions filled at this level are candidates who possess a master’s degree and three years of relevant full-time experience after degree completion; a master’s degree and five years of relevant full-time experience after degree completion; or a doctoral degree.


Please visit https://georgiatech.recruiterbox.com/jobs/fk0ja57 to apply for this position.

Final applicant(s) will be required to undergo an extensive pre-employment background check including verification of education credentials through providing “official” (non-student issued) higher education transcripts; a detailed online past performance report from at least 3-5 professional references; and verification of any other applicable credential information submitted with the application.

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Health/Health Care Administration/Management
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5 years
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Jane McCracken
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