Project Manager Associate (Extension Professional I)

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Georgia Institute of Technology
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Economic Development Lab (EDL)
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Extension Professional I
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Serving within the Research Faculty of The Institute, this position directly supports the extension, service, and economic development missions of Georgia Tech to the State of Georgia and beyond.  Primarily this position serves within the Innovation Ecosystems department of the Georgia Tech Enterprise Innovation Institute (EI2).  Project Managers in this associate level role are responsible for assisting level II and senior-level project managers, and above with initiating, conducting, and reporting on projects that promote local, state, regional, national, and international economic development initiatives.  This includes, but is not limited to, working with leaders/officials in public and private enterprises, non-profits, governments, and other related organizations.  Project Manager Associates are expected to conduct and document research, perform assessments, and provide technical assistance that helps create an attractive business climate.  Candidates in this role must be able to report measurable outcomes, as needed, through metric reporting systems required by federal, state, municipal, and/or private sponsors. 

Major Responsibilities: 

  • Develop and maintain an in-depth understanding of the EI2 mission and how it supports Georgia Tech in helping to maintain and improve our reputation.
  • Perform project management duties as outlined in the sponsored contracts.
  • Assist in the process of coaching, educating, and accelerating entrepreneurs, technology startups, and startup ecosystem members.
  • Develop and deliver entrepreneurial educational programming using innovative methods. This will include content development, logistics, training, delivery and program assessment.
  • Participate in conducting technology assessments, estimates, grant proposals, and report writing/editing in support of departmental goals/objectives.
  • Report measurable outcomes through internal metric reporting systems.
  • Contribute to the development of marketing and promotional materials design and content, including website development and maintenance (including utilizing multi-media communications tools like twitter, e-newsletters, blogs, podcasts, etc.).  Manage relationships with internal and external media and communications representatives.
  • Provide input to the project planning process.
  • Contribute, on a limited basis (at a level I), to the development of business proposals.
  • Participate in professional development activities (self-study and/or formal classes) as appropriate for the position.
  • Participate in identifying, cultivating, and building strategic partnerships that align with Georgia Tech's multidisciplinary research, education, and outreach priorities.
  • Perform organizational administrative tasks, and other related duties, as assigned.

Basic Qualifications:

  • Education: Bachelor's Degree in a related/relevant field e.g., engineering, science, technology or business administration.
  • Work Experience: One to three years of job-related experience (or equivalent combination of education and work experience).
  • Skills:  Professional level command (fluent) in both Spanish and English languages, both written and verbal communications, and basic skills in the use of specialty marketing and educational tools.  This job requires professional level knowledge and skill in the application of data collection, research and analysis, and the development of related conclusions and recommendations. Applicants for this position must be highly organized and also possess fundamental abilities in report writing, problem-solving, and presenting data/information to groups. Marketing and negotiation skills are necessary. Experience with or an aptitude to learn related computer applications also required.
  • Travel required, including potentially considerable international travel.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Preferred Education: Master’s Degree in a related/relevant field e.g., engineering, science, technology or business administration.
  • Preferred Work Experience: Five years of job-related work experience.  A functional familiarity with university-based commercialization and entrepreneurship.
  • Preferred Skills: Advanced skills in the use of specialty marketing and educational tools.
  • Preferred certifications include: Experience in Lean LaunchPad methodology, NSF I-Corp programming, and training.
  • Preferred applicant backgrounds include: Extensive experience in consultative service delivery and/or prior experience working in a higher education environment.


Innovation Ecosystems helps governments, communities, foundations, entrepreneurs, and small businesses foster value creation by applying innovative ideas, technology, and policy to initiatives focused on economic growth.  Areas of expertise include entrepreneurial ecosystem development, business incubation and commercialization, strategic planning, and economic sustainability.  Innovation Ecosystems helps clients make the right decisions to manage growth, create jobs, become more competitive, and increase benefits to the residents they serve.  Innovation Ecosystems advances technology-led economic development practices at local, regional, national, and international levels by providing internal expertise and connections to Georgia Tech and other industry partners.

To learn more about EI2 Innovation Ecosystems visit:

Georgia Tech Extension Professionals are research personnel that fulfill the extension and service mission of Georgia Tech to the State of Georgia and beyond.  This mission includes, but is not limited to, technology-based economic development, technology commercialization and deployment, entrepreneurship, start-up company development, and business/industry outreach.  Extension Professionals also provide educational programs for business and industry in support of these missions through facilitating and fostering increased industrial engagement and sponsorship of applied research activities at Georgia Tech.  Extension Professional appointments are based on the merit and special qualifications of the individual and follow the same general ranking, hiring, and promotion principles as other professional research faculty ranks. 

Extension Professional I – Positions filled at this level are candidates who possess a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and who will be performing on a professional level.


To apply submit application materials to GT-EI2-EDL-Application  (  

Final applicant(s) will be required to undergo an extensive pre-employment background check including verification of education credentials through providing “official” (non-student issued) higher education transcripts; a detailed online past performance report from at least 3-5 professional references; and verification of any other applicable credential information submitted with application.

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Social and Economic Development (Admin code)
Public Policy Analysis, General
Business Administration and Management, General
Urban Extension Service - City/Urban Planning (Admin code)
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1 year
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Lynne Henkiel
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