Program Manager in the Department of Aerospace Engineering

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Program Manager
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Plan and manage the administrative, fiscal, and operational activities of the Georgia Space Grant Consortium (GSGC).  GSGC is a NASA grant-funded program which administers fellowship, internship, and educational activities for university students and faculty and also administers STEM outreach programs for K-12 students, educators, and the general public.  Advise the GSGC Director in the strategic vision for the GSGC.  Oversee the development, implementation, and marketing of GSGC programs. 

Major Responsibilities:

  • Manage the day-to-day administrative, fiscal, and operational activities of the GSGC.  Collaborate with the GSGC Director, GSGC Administrative Coordinator, GSGC grantees, students, faculty and other staff to maintain accurate student and program records and develop timely financial and performance reports. Perform budget management and control.
  • Oversee program marketing.  Provide content to favorably promote GSGC programs via web, newsletters and social media to communicate opportunities for funding and facilitate collaboration.  Provide oversight to the GSGC Administrative Coordinator who will regularly disseminate content for NASA related activities.  Ensure that webpage, social media and other forms of media/publicity are kept updated.
  • Assist in GSGC educational programs and collaborations.  Perform grant planning and writing in collaboration with the GSGC Director.
  • Guide the GSGC Administrative Coordinator who will monitor and log incoming requests for fellowships, scholarships, and other program opportunities.  Guide the Administrative Coordinator in scheduling, planning, communication and conduct of administrative tasks for space grant related reports and meetings.
  • Regularly participate in meetings, telecons and training associated with Space Grant activities

Basic Qualifications:

  • Education: Bachelor’s Degree
  • Work Experience: Two or more years of job related work experience. Experience with conducting and/or promoting educational or outreach programs.
  • Certifications: N/A
  • Skills: Solid/working knowledge in office management, office computer applications, preparation of spreadsheets and budgets, and word processing/typing. Strong verbal and written communication skills.  Must possess and utilize good interpersonal skills which promote an atmosphere of respect and collaboration among stakeholders.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Preferred Education: Bachelor’s degree in either a STEM (i.e. science, technology, engineering, or mathematics) field or in an Education field.
  • Preferred Work Experience: Experience in meeting and event planning.
  • Preferred Certifications: N/A
  • Preferred Skills: Expertise in group communications and preparation of written communications such as emails, web content, newsletters and letters. Experience in grant planning, writing and administration, budget management and control, and program marketing.

Additional Information: Successful candidate must be able to pass a background check which may include a credit check. To obtain Georgia Tech’s background check policy, please visit:

Impact & Influence: Serves as the internal and external liaison for GSGC activities which provides STEM outreach using NASA-related content.  Program Manager oversees effective and timely information exchange with respect to administrative, fiscal, academic and programmatic matters.  Interactions will occur with a variety of Space Grant stakeholders including GSGC Affiliates, NASA, students, college faculty, K-12 educators, industry and non-profit organizations.

Department Description: The Georgia Space Grant Consortium ( ) is managed within the School of Aerospace Engineering ( ) at Georgia Institute of Technology.

Other Duties: This position description may not describe all duties, responsibilities and skills associated with this position. It is intended to portray the major aspects of the job. Other duties or skills may be required.

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Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineering Technology/Technician
Mathematics, General
Science Teacher Education/General Science Teacher Education
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2 years
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Tamecia K. Wright
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(404) 385-4940
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Janyce Dawkins, Director

Kristopher Stevens, Associate Director

Clare Norins, Assistant Director

Kieran Morrow, Assistant Director

Sheila C England, System Coordinator