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Research Engineer
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The Laboratory Operations Manager is a key position that supports the Radiological Science and Engineering Laboratory (RSEL) and related facilities in the Nuclear and Radiological Engineering and Medical Physics (NRE/MP) Programs at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

The primary responsibilities of this position encompass laboratory management and maintenance, academic laboratory teaching, program administration as well as update and maintenance of NRE/MP and RSEL websites. The applicant shall have a Master’s of Science or higher degree. Experience with routine laboratory operations and research in radiation detection is preferred. 

Routine laboratory management responsibilities include: establishing and maintaining training, facilitating security background checks and regulatory requirements for individuals requiring RSEL access, management of operations and maintenance of the Varian medical linear accelerator facility, a neutron generator vault, a subcritical pile and water tank, and other irradaition facilities housed in the RSEL. Successful candidate will facilitate teaching and student and faculty research activities at the RSEL. Laboratory teaching duties include help with or teaching the Radiation Physics laboratory (or equivalent) course as well as development of new experiments and procedures to enrich and expand instructional and research activities at RSEL. The student and faculty support for experiments includes facilitation of all laboratory-related equipment and aid with the use of facilities. Additional duties of routine RSEL operations include NRE/MP and RSEL website maintenance and on-line scheduling of activities.

In addition to the routine operations of the laboratory, the candidate will be responsible for programmatic needs, including inputs to program and laboratory proposals, preparation  and updates to the facilities documentation, including regulatory paperwork, annual assessments, and assistance with preparation of Academic Programs accreditation efforts (ABET and CAMPEP).  RSEL is a user-facility outfitted with high-demand equipment, and the applicant is expected to help  with development of proposals to secure funds for the equipment upgrades.

Application Procedure:  The candidate must successfully complete the training and background requirements for access into the RSEL facility and security areas as well as background investigation, drug testing, and certification to handle radioactive sources. Apply online at Send inquiries to: Prof. Farzad Rahnema, Chair, NRE and MP Programs, email:  The review of applications will begin immediately. 

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Nuclear Engineering
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6 years
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Open Until Filled
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To Be Determined
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Dr. Farzad Rahnema
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