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Research Scientist I, Research Scientist II
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PACE (Partnership for an Advanced Computing Environment) provides enabling research services and consultation to Georgia Tech Faculty and students, particularly in the areas of high-performance computing (HPC), high-throughput computing (HTC), storage, and data analytics. 

The Position

This Research Scientist II position will join the newly founded “Software Collaboration and Support” team within PACE, which provides expert consultation for development and utilization of scientific software, including release engineering of research algorithms, data sets, and source codes developed by Georgia Tech researchers from a wide variety of scientific domains. Responsibilities of this team include ensuring consistency, accuracy, performance, reproducibility, revision control, and rapid delivery of source codes and finished products in close collaboration with the faculty, post-docs, graduate students, and other researchers. While this position is not dependent on external funding, the successful candidate is expected to actively seek collaborations with Georgia Tech researchers on scientific publications and grants. Overall, this position will play a critical bridge role between state-of-the-art cyberinfrastructure and world-class scholars of Georgia Tech, revealing a powerful combination of the two.

This position will also take part in maintaining, growing, and supporting the PACE scientific repository including a large number of open source and licensed Linux software used by all of the cluster users from different domains. This includes compilation of new codes, integration to HPC/HTC middleware (e.g. MPI, schedulers), software modules, license management, and documentation.

The successful candidate is expected to demonstrate proficiency with several advanced skills, which may include mainstream programming languages (e.g. C/C++, Fortran, Python, Java, Spark, Scala), accelerators (e.g. CUDA, OpenACC), parallel languages (e.g. MPI, OpenMP, P-threads), scientific libraries/solvers (e.g. BLAS/MKL, FFTW, HDF5, PETSc, numpy, scipy), large-scale software development, revision control, modular programming, debugging, profiling, optimization, and regression analysis. Experience with cloud technologies (e.g. docker, singularity) is a strong preference.

This position will play a key role for making the excellent science produced at Georgia Tech more visible and easily accessible in the form of high-quality software distributed at wide scale, advancing Georgia Tech’s mission as a leader in improving the human condition in Georgia, the United States, and around the globe.

Required qualifications:

  • US Citizens or permanent residents
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills
  • High degree of motivation and the ability to work closely with faculty, researchers, and IT professionals while providing software solutions in an advanced computing environment.
  • Ability to contribute to large projects requiring expert knowledge of release engineering practices, wide variety of programming languages, frameworks, scientific libraries, and large-scale software development.  
  • Ability to take part in complex and recurring cycles of code development, compilation, debugging, parallelization, optimization, tuning, and regression analysis.

Additional knowledge, skills, and experience that are desirable, but NOT required:

  • Experience with container technologies
  • Understanding of scheduler systems and job management in clusters
  • Good command of RedHat Enterprise Linux system

Application Procedure:

Please submit cover letter and resume to Mehmet Belgin,


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Computing Support (Admin code)
Computer Software Engineering
Computer Science
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3 years
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Tuesday, December 31, 2019
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Mehmet Belgiin
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(404) 385-0665
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