Research Engineer II in the Department of Aerospace Engineering

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Georgia Institute of Technology
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Research Engineer II
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The applicant must demonstrate a strong background in the field of system architectures, along with relevant concepts in other engineering domains. The candidate must demonstrate a strong background in executable modeling and computer experiments for engineering system, manufacturing, and communications architectures with focus on processes such as system and subsystem activities and functions. The applicant must have experience in communicating design decisions via interactive visualizations.

The candidate must be proficient in data-driven predictive methods and be able to contribute to software module/tool development for design space exploration for system architectures including physical systems as well as manufacturing of such systems. Experimentation tasks may include process and logic based models such as discrete event simulations as well as physics-based simulations thus background in experimentation setup, case automation, data collection/management/analysis in the context of multi-disciplinary analysis is greatly preferred.

The applicant must demonstrate the ability to explain and communicate research results to the research sponsors with evidence of previous participation in technical reviews as well as service for lecturing technical topics related to mathematics and engineering. Technical and academic knowledge in publications, including relevant articles in peer-reviewed journals and conferences is also valued highly.

The candidate must demonstrate proven ability to supervise graduate/undergraduate student research, and provide evidence of prior leadership experience. The applicant must be able to coordinate projects individually, or with other Research Faculty in a multi-disciplinary team environment.

The applicant is also expected to engage in exploring collaboration opportunities with government agencies, academia and industry. A certain level of outreach to participate in technical committees, working groups and academic societies is expected. The applicant must be prepared to offer course lectures, lab sections, or invited talks. Excellent written and oral communication skills are further requirements.

Job (Day-to-Day) Duties:

  • Research tasks:
    • Perform relevant and thorough literature surveys on topics related to systems modeling, computational models, and manufacturing operations
    • Identify problems and formulate solution concepts
    • Identify customary and challenging elements for system modeling
    • Utilize and expand problem-solving experience in the field of mechanical or aerospace systems and system integration and manufacturing
    • Implement engineering tool solutions and perform relevant case studies
    • Contribute to engineering tool development by
      • Using industry-standard practices, tools, and codes
      • Implementing and integrating first-order, physics-based analysis methods
      • Developing models for process-based operations mainly for manufacturing studies
      • Using statistical models to speed up simulations and support decisions
      • Exploring alternative modeling and simulation processes
    • Experimentation planning for engineering studies
  • Project management and leadership tasks:
    • Manage, lead, and guide research efforts carried out by students at graduate/undergraduate levels in mechanical engineering domains relevant to system architectures, modeling and simulation, and manufacturing
    • Communicate with project sponsors and/or other domain experts to foster knowledge and leadership in relevant mechanical systems engineering fields
  • Business Development Tasks
    • Write research proposals towards government and industry-sourced research grants and funding
    • Maintain and expand connections with government and industry sponsors, as well as academic collaborators, and explore new collaboration or research sponsorship opportunities
  • Maintain a Strong Publication Record
    • Author/co-author articles in peer-reviewed journals
    • Present research results at technical conferences
  • Reviewer Service Tasks
    • Participate in reviews of technical articles for journal publishing, as well as for conference paper publications related to mechanical systems
    • Participate in M.S. and Ph.D. Thesis committees
    • Participate actively in relevant technical committees, working groups and academic societies

Degree Required: Ph.D. in Mechanical or Aerospace Engineering

Fields/Discipline: Systems Architecture, Modeling and Simulation, Manufacturing Operations Research, Statistical Analysis

APPLICATION PROCEDURE/TO APPLY: email your cover letter and resume as one pdf to

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Aerospace, Aeronautical and Astronautical/Space Engineering
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(404) 385-4940
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Thomas Brazzle, System Coordinator