Research Scientist II in the School of Computational Science & Engineering

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Research Scientist II
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Georgia Institute of Technology is building up the research strength in health and biomedical informatics. Exciting research and industry collaboration in health analytics starts happening now at Georgia Tech that are across many areas.

Research scientist positions are available at SunLab and GTRI in the area of health analytics. The objective of the research is to develop big data systems and applications for managing and analyzing complex biomedical data and to work on exciting real-world biomedical data with domain experts from many clinical institutions (e.g., Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Children’s healthcare of Atlanta, Emory university and Vanderbilt University) to solve tough problems in healthcare and medicine.

The candidate is expected to conduct the following activities:

  •  Research platform development for health analytic engine
    • lead the analytic engine development
    • manage the development efforts with Sunlab to achieve development objectives for a big data analytic engine for health datasets
    • coordinate the efforts together with other teams from GTRI and CoC
    • participate actively with external open source efforts such as OHDSI to align, leverage and contribute to the open source repository
  • Project lead for the collaboration with UCB
    • conduct big data acquisition, analysis, modeling and interpretation on large biomedical and health datasets
    • coordinate the entire research team on achieving the necessary deliverables in a timely fashion
    • present to external partners and manage external relationships from the technical aspects to ensure healthy and productive collaboration with the industry partner
    • involve heavily in publication efforts to ensure timely submission for all the planned scientific publications
  • Sunlab’s Research protocols and infrastructure
    • manage the compute infrastructure at Sunlab to ensure safe, secure and efficient process for conducting computational health research by working with TSO and OIT experts
    • manage submission and amendment of all the IRB protocols from Sunlab so that all protocol initiation and change will be done in a timely manner with IRB office.


  • Qualified applicants should have a MS degree, preferable PhD.
  • Have superb system and software engineering skills in areas related to data science
  • Have an outstanding research skills in technical areas related to computational science and engineering
  • Have the ability to work in teams and provide a leadership role when working with graduate students
  • Have experiences in dealing with medical data such as electronic health records

Application Procedure: To apply, please send your application via email with subject “Research Scientist Application at Sunlab” to Jimeng Sun at including the following material.

  • Cover Letter,
  • CV,
  • Your GitHub Profile
  • Sample Code
  • Example Scientific Report (such as scientific publications or technical document)
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Medical &/or Health Informatics
Biomathematics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology, other
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Monday, April 3, 2017
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Arlene Washington-Capers
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(404) 894-9763
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